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Helping you define what makes your products useful, desirable, valuable and accessible.


  • UX Research

  • Custom Workshops

  • Concept Validation

  • UX Strategy

Clients said

  • Laura began working with Amplifunds as we were moving from an MVP concept into the feedback gathering and iterative product development phases. She helped us design a user workshop to evaluate and more thoroughly think through concepts that were still a bit amorphous. She has also helped translate feedback into more specific lessons to inform our product roadmap. Her guidance has been critical to our ability to effectively learn and strategically progress through the challenging and complex early stages of product development. She would be a great asset to any team or organization looking to do the same.

    Emily Rasmussen, CEO Amplifunds
  • Laura began working with The Perfect Game Foundation as we created a not-for-profit to assist those who want to work in sports. She did our entire website including design, content, provider interface and updates. Her body of work on our behalf has been exceptional, world-class and without her the foundation would not have had the success it has enjoyed. We recommend her unconditionally.

    Del Wilber, CEO The Perfect Game Foundation

Chief Experience Officer

Laura Cochran “LC”

Laura is the Founder and Chief Experience Officer of ElleSee Futures. Her friends call her “LC,” which is how ElleSee came to life.

She specializes in product management, mixed-methods research and service design. Making the world a better place through technology, storytelling and delightful experiences is where her passion lies and people are at the center of it all.